Ribbon of Life

The health of a lake or river hinges on the delicate shoreline – the “Ribbon of Life.”

  • Shorelines are breeding grounds, nurseries, food sources, shelter, and hiding places for many species.
  • 90% of all living things in a lake or river are found along the shoreline.
  • Shorelines are effective natural filters and buffer zones, acting as the “kidneys” for the watershed.
  • Shorelines help to improve the quality and quantity of ground water.
  • Polluted run-off is trapped and absorbed by the vegetation, thus protecting water quality.
  • A well-treed shoreline disrupts the flight patterns of geese, who are attracted to bare floodplain for ease of landing and allowing them easy access to pillage farmers’ adjacent crops.

The complex interplay of plants, animals, land, and water combine to make the shorelines the single most important part of the river ecosystem.

In addition to the ecological benefits of a healthy water system, the Carp River has the potential to provide many recreational opportunities such as canoeing, hiking, bird watching, and fishing. Right now, the river offers few benefits to the community at large.