Carp River Action Plan

A community-based partnership between the Friends of the Carp River and the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

In the summer and fall of 2012 the MVCA, in partnership with the FCR, completed a detailed assessment of the Carp River from Richardson Side Road to the Village of Carp due to:

  • Concerns about visibly increasing flooding at the Village,
  • Future downstream effects of development at Kanata West and the Terry Fox Extension, and
  • the need to provide a better understanding of the geomorphology, river dynamics and ecological functions.

As a result of this assessment, the MVCA and FCR recommended to Councillor El-Chantiry that a strategic, multi-year Carp River Action Plan, called Carp River Care by the MVCA, be undertaken to improve the most degraded mid-reach section of the Carp River.  It comprises four main actions:

  1. Implementation of a landowner stewardship program for key riparian properties,
  2. Removal of blockages and obstructions downstream from the Village,
  3. Creation of a Carp River Stream Watch Program, and
  4. Engineered restoration of the river at two key sections.

The Action Plan has three major benefits for the citizens of Ottawa:

  1. Reduced maintenance costs
  2. Improved water quality entering the Ottawa River
  3. New recreational and economic benefits to the Village of Carp

The Action Plan supports the Carp Village Community Design Plan.

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