Carp River Action Plan Progress

December 2014 – Carp River Action Plan Update

The Friends of the Carp River (FCR), in partnership with the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA), continue to make progress on the Carp River Action Plan.  Using donations and the $50,000 award from Shell Canada, the MVCA has put together a 3 year plan that addresses the four main goals in the Action Plan:

  1. Landowner stewardship program – In the spring of 2014, the MVCA and volunteers planted a total of 2,000 trees at five sites along the shoreline of the Carp River.  The MVCA has identified more sites to improve tree coverage and bank stabilization and add cattle fencing along the Carp River.  Stewardship and planting activities were also completed at Upper Poole Creek.
  2. Removal of blockages and obstructions – The MVCA removed 2 old bridges near the Diefenbunker and downstream from Craig Side Road in December 2013.  The FCR, with help from the West Carleton Snowmobile Club, removed downed trees and debris from two sites downstream from Carp and near Kinburn in March.  Two large tree blockages still remain near the village.
  3. Creation of a Carp River Stream Watch Program – The MVCA initiated stream watch activities in the main tributaries of the Carp River:  in 2012/2013 with Poole Creek, in 2013 with Upper Carp Creek, and in 2014 with Huntley Creek (near Huntmar).  Volunteers will be needed to help with gathering data on more tributaries in 2015.
  4. Engineered restoration of the river – $500K of funding has been secured to restore wetlands in old river oxbows along 0.6 km of riverfront downstream from Richardson Side Road.  Ducks Unlimited Canada is the project lead.

Volunteers will be needed for tree planting and stream watch activities.  Once dates are established we will provide more information.  Volunteers will continue to monitor rain fall and the Carp River’s water levels using gauges mounted under bridges.