Carp River Green Banks Program

Carp River Shoreline Tree Planting Program for Landowners

Carp River Watershed (May 2008) – In a joint effort to increase the number of trees planted annually along the Carp River to restore its banks to a more natural state, the Friends of the Carp River, and the city wide Ottawa Stewardship Council (OSC) have developed an enhanced shoreline restoration program – the Carp River Green Banks!

The Carp River Green Banks Program for shoreline restoration is being offered to any Carp River riparian landowner willing to enhance his or her respective shoreline property.  For more information on the program or to participate and sign up as a landowner, please contact us through our Ottawa Rural Reforestation Program Partner at 613-692-3571 or visit the Ottawa Stewardship Council website.

Working in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources` Ontario Stewardship Program and the OSC’s partners through the City of Ottawa’s Rural Reforestation Program – Green Acres, this new initiative hopes to further expand the Carp River’s “Ribbon of Life” natural corridor.

This enhanced program essentially offers significant financial incentives in the form of subsidies for the purchase of tree seedlings, tree planting services, site preparation and/or future plantation tending by contractors.

Some of the many benefits which will be achieved from planting trees along the Carp River shorelines are: the improvement of water quality flowing into the Ottawa River, fish and wildlife habitat; erosion control and a reduction in sedimentation during high flows or heavy rainfall, in fecal and/or chemical contamination from adjacent land uses; and an increase in local, long-term carbon sequestration.

A copy of the brochure for the Carp River Green Banks Program is available for download here:  Brochure.pdf